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– Use of cookies –

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[Last updated: 2019-04-29]

Cookies on Hostex Group LT | Hostex-Group website
A cookie is a small piece of text information that is automatically created when browsing the Hostex Group LT | Hostex-Group website and is stored on your computer or other terminal device.

In order to distinguish between users and to make it easier and more efficient for you to navigate the Web site and make useful suggestions, we use the following two types of Cookies on Hostex Group LT | Hostex-Group:

Session Cookies – They expire when you close the browser and do not remain on your device.

WHMCSInstanceID is a basic and commonly found PHP application-based website that stores a unique session ID for each visitor that allows you to save certain variables and pass them between individual pages (components) of the Site. These cookies only contain a link to a session stored in the serbian, no personal information is stored in them.

Active cookies – these cookies are stored on your device for a certain time:

WHMCSUID / WHMCSPW – These two cookies are hijacked when the user wants to remember his login and no longer need to enter his username and password the next time he visits the site. These cookies are stored for 365 days or until the user logs out of the client system manually (by clicking the button Disconnect).

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